Exceptional ideas, deserve exceptional branding.


Damian approached us about helping with some packaging for his hyper-micro, neighborhood-based honey company. What he received was a new name, new packaging, an identity system, a video, photography and a website.

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Great storytelling helped raise money and awareness and has opened many doors.

Bee Local started out with a name that referenced a local Portland neighborhood. Adopting a name with more universal references helped open up new markets, and has already pollinated other locations.

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A complete package.

Bee Local has been featured on The Travel Channel tweeted about by celebrity chefs, featured on the evening news, celebrated by The Die Line design blog, and scooped up at up to $26 a jar in places including Williams Sonoma.

When you taste the subtle hints of strawberry and citrus, like nothing you have ever tasted before, you will know why.

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